6 Ideas for a Great Personalized Wallet

family photo wallet with full picture

Are you looking for a gift for your significant other? Maybe doing some early Father’s Day shopping? Or you might be looking to get your whole work team something special for their hard work? Well, look no further than My Personalized Wallet, the best and most personalized gift ever!

6 ideas for a Great Personalized Wallet

With so many different ways to customize our wallets, you may be unsure what to do. Here are 6 ideas for a great personalized wallet to inspire you!

Use Family Photo on Wallet

personalized wallet - family photo

One of the most popular ways to customize a My Personalized Wallet is with a family photo. People love carrying pictures of loved ones in their regular wallets, so why not put that photo on your wallet! This saves some space for your cards, plus you will never lose the photo as it’s printed beautifully on the wallet cover. Whether it’s a photo of you and your spouse, a picture of your children, or a funny photo with the whole family together, a personalized family photo wallet is always a great idea. It also makes for a sentimental gift for birthdays and holidays!

Favorite Quote on Your Wallet

personalized wallet - quote

A powerful and meaningful quote can do wonders for someone during their hectic days. People love carrying their favorite quotes with them, having them as their phone’s background screen, and even getting the quote tattooed on themselves. Personalizing a wallet with your favorite quote is a great way to get the pick-me-up you need during the day. Every time you use your wallet, you can read that inspirational message and get a little pep in your step! 

Your Vacation Spot Photo on Your Wallet

personalized wallet - vacation

Similar to a quote wallet, personalizing a wallet with your favorite vacation spot is always a fun idea. It can be your daily motivator and help you get in your happy place every time you look at your wallet. Put on the picture of the most beautiful beach you’ve been to or your favorite ski mountain. 

Monogram Your Wallet

personalized wallet - monogram

A monogrammed wallet is more of an upscale look and feel to a My Personalized Wallet. Rather than using a full-scale image, personalizing a wallet with a name and/or a symbol makes a clean look. This type of personalized wallet makes a great gift, especially for men.

Show Your Sports Love with You Wallet

personalized wallet - sports logo

Are any sports fanatics looking to show off their fandom? Look no further than a personalized sports wallet. You can put on your favorite team’s colors, logo, or an image of your favorite player. A customized sports wallet is the companion when you head to the stadium to watch the game. Sleek and secured to carry only the necessary cards and cash.

Corporate Logo Wallet

personalized wallet - corporate logo

Looking for a fun item to give your co-workers, customers, and clients? A personalized corporate logo wallet would be a perfect item to get. Bring the team close together as you have matching wallets showing off your companies’ pride. Or, at corporate events, give out these customized wallets to prospects. This will give them something very memorable about your company and a great way to market. 


Now that you have some inspiration, it’s time to personalize your very own My Personalized Wallet. Head over to our customize page to create the best and most personalized wallet ever!